Subject: scary bugs
Location: central calif
November 13, 2015 6:16 am
Please help I’d these bugs? They came from my nose.
Signature: herb

"Scary Bugs"

“Scary Bugs”

Dear Herb,
While we empathize with your situation, we are not able to assist with your problem, and we would suggest you seek assistance from an expert.

"Scary Bugs"

“Scary Bugs”

"Scary Bugs"

“Scary Bugs”

Location: California

6 Responses to “Scary Bugs” found in Nose

  1. Ashley says:

    WHat was this?? I spit this is now and I’m so scared!

  2. Danyell Clark says:

    I was recently diagnosed with scabies and now I have these things come out of my mouth and nose all the time, it sucks! I
    Feel like a human edition of “Ripleys Believe It or Not”, The Walking Parasite Farm

    • Mr.TitusMom says:

      I know how you feel, idk if I have scabies, but we did have bedbugs and they were in my ear, nose, under my glasses…. It’s by far the most disgusting and violating experience I’ve experienced. But I do find some comfort in seeing someone else is going through the same thing. Are they scabies fore sure?

  3. RADARONE says:

    I don`t know how helpful this will be but, in the last couple of years I have had a bug in my house that becomes active at my bedtime and persist until about 2am. It goes for my hair and my face and has caused me to sleep with a bandana or a light weight cloth over my head and in front of my face. I’m pretty sure this is a form of Fungus Gnat. They are are poor fliers very tiny and are attracted to the Carbon dioxide in my nose. I have also found one in my ear and near my eyes. They are making me CRAZY.

    • amberp says:

      I have a similar rarely seen bug problem. From NM. Febreeze helps. These bugs tear seams. I cannot tell the seam destroyer is same that feels like they just fall on me. Not a jump. but they get in my hair and burst the inside of my plain elastic hair bands. I have only seen Tiny white-ish triangular bits in hair, more substantial than a skin flake.
      These or other reason there are same looking things that line my nail beds and seem to stick to hair before the hairs disappear. No hair on back of hands and btwn my eyebrows.

    • Amber says:

      I also had house checked for fungus. Nothing. Months later my 1st cat died of a chest infection. 6 mos later my 2nd cat died of invasive aspergillosis. It got in a cut on her face. Was a tumor sino-orbital, her eye hemmoraged. Awful. My last & 3rd cat got painful Uncontrollable diarrhea same time this started. I tried so hard to get them help, thousands. Didn’t think autopsy would help. Articles say hundreds of types of aspergillus, everywhere in daily environment. So I don’t have any clue if they’re connected to 1st post about unseen bugs.

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