Scarlet Tiger from the UK

Location: Oxford UK
June 19, 2011 11:12 am
I think this a moth but not one I’ve seen before.
Photo taken afternoon in June 2011 in Oxford, UK, on Clematis.
I’m holding one wing out to show the red one underneath. It has a red lined body too. (Not sure why it put up with this indignity!)
Size is around 4cm long.
Signature: Tony Roberts

Scarlet Tiger

Dear Tony,
The best place to identify Moths from the UK is the UK Moths website, where we quickly identified your moth as a Scarlet Tiger,
Callimorpha dominula.  This diurnal species is relatively unique among the Tiger Moths, because, according to the UK Moths site:  “It is one of the few tiger moths with developed mouthparts, allowing it to feed on nectar.”

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