Big, scary bug…
Dear Bug Man:
Could you please tell me what kind of beetle or bug this is? I live in Lancaster County, PA. Oh, and I named him "Harry", hehe. ‘Harry’ is an active bugger. When I found him he was marching across my kitchen floor on a serious mission. Ever since I put him in this plastic container, he’s been trying to find a way out. He doesn’t seem aggressive though. The big pincher things look intimidating, but when I put a pencil in front of him, he just stayed still for a while and didn’t move. Also, my kittie, Cleo, wants to play with him so badly that she keeps batting at the container. Of course I’m still not sure what Harry could do with those pinchers. She probably wouldn’t want to play with him after finding out.

Hi Amanda,
This is a Ground Beetle in the genus Scarites.

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