Big Bee?
Location: Orange County, California
July 28, 2011 2:12 pm
This large bee like bug hangs out around our home. He seems to be a predatory like bug. He flys right at us. Today we found it in the yard not looking all that wel. So we got close enought to take a photo. We usually leave bugs to do their thing in our yard, but I am curious if they sting or bite etc since I have two four year olds.
Any ideas?
Signature: Irish twins mommy

Scarab Hunter Wasp

Dear Irish twins mommy,
Your insect is a Scarab Hunter Wasp,
Campsomeris tolteca, which we identified on BugGuide which contains this fascinating information:  “According to Nick Fensler: The females Campsomeris as well as other members of the subfamily Campsomerinae are predators on white grubs (Scarabaeidae), using these larvae as food for their young. Unlike sphecids, eumenines, and pompilids these wasps do not appear to have any type of prey transportation and dig to the ground-dwelling beetle larvae, sting it to paralyze it, and then lay an egg. They may dig around the grub to form a small cell. Since they use this nesting strategy they are often seen flying low to the ground (searching) in a figure eight pattern (but the flight pattern gets more erratic when they “smell” something). The adults use nectar as a food source and are common on flowers.”  Solitary Wasps rarely sting people, however, if they are carelessly handled, a sting will most likely occur.

Location: California

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