Scarab Grub

Subject: What is this thing
Location: Riverside, CA, USA
October 24, 2013 8:38 am
We found two of these in two days. One in the entry and one in the laundry room. Curled up in about an inch diameter or less. These things look like some parasite out of a horror flick.
They are really freaking us out. What is it, and where is it living. Doesn’t look like its little legs in front would be any good for moving around on any surfaces, so we are suspecting that one of our animals has some kind of huge disgusting parasite.
Signature: WildermanFamily

Scarab Grub
Scarab Grub

Dear Wilderman Family,
This is the grub of a Scarab Beetle, not a parasite.  They are often found underground when digging in the garden.  We don’t know how they wound up in your laundry room.  Do you have a compost pile nearby.  Perhaps they are Crawlybacks, the larvae of the large Figeaters that are found in Southern California in late summer.

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