Scarab Beetle trapped in Pitcher Plant

Subject: Bug in my pitcher plant
Location: Altadena, CA
October 27, 2013 8:00 pm
I found this guy in my pitcher plant (Sarracenia leucophylla). I don’t normally rescue bugs that fall into my plants’ mouths, traps or dew. However, after listening to this poor guy scratch to get out for three days, I took some pictures then tipped the plant over so he could escape. It took him about three seconds to get out of the plant. He took another three seconds to flip himself over then he flew away. I know these bugs are quite common because I have a collection of three dead ones I have found over the summer. Please can you give me the common and scientific name of this beautiful beetle?
Signature: Dawg Mom

Scarab Beetle trapped in Pitcher Plant
Scarab Beetle trapped in Pitcher Plant

Dear Dawg Mom,
The best we are able to provide from this angle of view is a family ID.  This is a Scarab Beetle in the family Scarabidae.

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