Scarab Beetle from Israel

Subject: Killer Scarab from The Mummy?
Location: a few miles inland of Caesarea, Israel
May 31, 2016 11:35 am
Hi, this guy was waiting for me outside my door when I got home tonight. Didnt move. Just waiting patiently for his moment to jump onto my face. His carapace has some interesting coloration and is slightly smaller than my thumb(he’s a big one). He’s also got some big old wingtips protruding from the back of his shell, so you know he’s a flyer.
Signature: Terrified Yet Fascinated

Scarab Beetle:  Anoxia orientalis
Scarab Beetle: Anoxia orientalis

Dear Terrified Yet Fascinated,
We have correctly identified your Scarab Beetle as Anoxia orientalis thanks to the Israel’s Nature Site, and we verified that identification on The Scarabs of the Levant where it states:  “This species is widely distributed in Eastern Europe, Turkey and Levant: Syria, Lebanon (Beirut, Saida) and Israel (Haifa).”

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