Scarab Beetle from Australia: Chlorobapta frontalis

Subject: chlorobapta frontalis
Location: Forbes, NSW
January 20, 2015 8:10 pm
Hi guys,
I found this little guy sneaking into my house, did a google search and found your page – 2011/03/02/green-fiddler-beetle-from-australia/
I live in Forbes NSW and have just released it back into the garden. I just wanted to send you the photos i took.
Signature: Bri

Scarab Beetle:  Chlorobapta frontalis
Scarab Beetle: Chlorobapta frontalis

Dear Bri,
When we originally created that posting, we misidentified this Fruit Chafer,
Chlorobapta frontalis, as a Green Fiddler Beetle, but we were corrected by Karl.  Karl always provides links with his comments, and we can’t help but to wonder if the links have been broken in the intervening years.  There is a photo on iNaturalist and a link from there to this lovely FlickR image.  Project Noah has the correct scientific name, but interestingly calls it the common name Fiddler Beetle, which is generally used to describe Eupoecila australasiae.

Scarab Beetle:  Chlorobapta frontalis
Scarab Beetle: Chlorobapta frontalis

Hi Daniel,
Thanks for your reply.
Please feel free to use the photos on your site if you wish, though the quality isn’t great because i used my phone camera and didn’t want to harm the little guy by trying to get better shots!

Hi again Bri,
We really like your images, and we posted all three, though we did increase the contrast and employ conservative digital sharpening.

Fruit Chafer
Fruit Chafer

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