Scarab Beetle may be female Hercules Beetle

Subject: What kind of beetle is this!
Location: Middle of texas
July 10, 2014 8:09 pm
I found this bug in our home it was huge. Looked like a june bug but on steroids. I’ve never saw one like it. It had a inch wing span that was very loud. It was dark brown ,hard shell,no large inteneas. It could fit in the palm of my hand. Can you tell me what this baby is.
Signature: Cathy


Hi Cathy,
The reason you believe this beetle looks like a June Bug on steroids is that both are Scarab Beetles in the family Scarabaeidae, but sadly, the images do not have the necessary detail for our staff to identify it more specifically.  It seems we are on a trend of posting images of fearless women with patriotic nail polish today.

Update:  August 12, 2014
Subject: Miss identified
August 12, 2014 11:12 pm
Hey guys! I was looking through your posts and noticed you miss identified a beetle I’m very fermiliar with. You claimed the beetle to be “a June bug on staroids” when it was intact a female eastern or western herculese beetle. It may have been hard to identify because when they go into the soul their shells absorb the moisture and turn dark brown. I know this well because I have recently been rearing this specious. I will include a photo of the original post and my own photo of the species (although in the photo she is light colored because she hadn’t been in moist soil)
Signature: Best regards, Nikki

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