Saucy Beauty from Costa Rica

Subject:  Costa Rica Moth
Geographic location of the bug:  Guanacaste Costa Rica
Date: 09/23/2017
Time: 06:03 PM EDT
Hola, Found this little one with my son sitting on the ground outside one night. Would love if you could identify it for us. Thanks
How you want your letter signed:  Brian and Mathias

Saucy Beauty

Dear Brian and Mathias,
We are pretty confident this is a Tiger Moth in the subfamily Arctiinae, and we also believe it is most likely a diurnal species, but alas, we were having trouble finding a matching image.  We were about to give up when we found the Saucy Beauty,
Phaloesia saucia, posted to BugGuide.  According to BugGuide, the range is:  “Three southmost counties of Texas / south to Venezuela.”

Wow, thanks for this! My son is going to be very excited to learn this. Thanks a lot for your help
Brian McQuay

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