Sand Cockroach from Mexico

Subject: Grey round bug
Location: Mexico city
February 2, 2014 12:33 am
Hope you can help me, sorry if
My english is not that good, i found today a very strange bug on my room, its february 1st and I’m located in Mexico city, its round with no antenna visible unless you turn it upaide down, it looks like a roach, but not shure, inaccidentally step on it, and in the photos i took are the guts out, thanks a lot!
Signature: Martin

Sand Cockroach
Sand Cockroach

Hola Martin,
This insect looks like a Cockroach because it is a Cockroach, more specifically, a female Sand Cockroach.  Sand Cockroaches are outdoor insects that do not infest homes.  The female is wingless and the winged male looks more like a usual Cockroach.


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