Salmonfly from Canada

Subject: huge winged insect
Location: Keg River, Alberta
July 4, 2016 10:05 pm
Hi, Just saw this on one of our leafcutter bee huts today. We’re in Keg River, Alberta and have never seen anything like it. Should we be running for the hills? He was about 3 inches long not counting his antennae. Didn’t get a good look at his flying skills – when we disturbed him he just sort of fluttered down in behind some stuff so he didn’t really take off. Big wings though! Any idea what he is? Thanks.
Signature: Shelley


Dear Shelley,
This is a Giant Stonefly or Salmonfly in the genus
Pteronarcys.  It is harmless and there is no need to head for the hills.

Thank you!  That was fast.  Good to know we can rest easy.  Love your site.

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