Mossy Sallow Moth

Subject: Arachnis picta but green?
Location: Jamul, CA
January 16, 2015 10:04 pm
Hello. I found this moth outside & I’m curious about it. It looks just like a painted tiger moth (Arachnis picta) but it’s green like a lichen. Is this a different species or just a color variation? I see the standard painted tiger moths a lot in the fall but sometimes I see these green ones too.
Sorry the lighting is a little yellowish & doesn’t quite do it justice.
Signature: -Becky

Sallow Moth
Sallow Moth

Dear Becky,
We made an attempt to remove some of the yellow lighting, but the lovely green coloration of this Sallow Moth was not correctly reproduced.

Thank you for getting back to me!
Fortunately the same kind of moth came back tonight and I got a better picture by shining a flashlight on it. Does this help?

Mossy Sallow Moth
Mossy Sallow Moth

Thanks Becky,
This is a much nicer image of a Mossy Sallow Moth in the genus Feralia.  BugGuide pictures several similar looking species.


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