Saddle-Backed Bush Cricket from France

Subject: Massive Provence black and yellow bug
Location: Eguille, Provence
October 11, 2013 10:04 am
Out on a walk last week in the Pine Forest Of Eguilles (S of France) and this enormous black and yellow insect hissed at us and stalked, on long legs by. It was as loud as a cat hissing! It was at least 2 inches long and the sting was as long as the body.
Steered well clear !! Would love to know what it is.
Many thanks
Signature: Out and about in France

Saddle-Backed Bush Cricket
Saddle-Backed Bush Cricket

Dear Out and about in France.
This is a Saddle-Backed Bush Cricket in the genus
Ephippiger, a type of primitive Katydid.  The long ovipositor indicates that this is a female.

Many thanks for your help. Nothing deadly then!
Kind regards

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