Running Crab Spider

Subject: ID: Happy face Ebo species?
Location: San Mateo County, CA
April 15, 2015 4:54 pm
I’m wondering if you might be able to identify this Ebo to species – I found it a few days ago in San Mateo, California. There are very few Ebo photos online and barely any keys, but there are only eight species to choose from in North America. I am not an expert, just the finder/photographer, but I’d love to know if possible.
Here’s the photo link on BugGuide: And my original post of this spider on iNaturalist, which includes better geodata and an alternate/enhanced photo:
Thank you so much for doing this – !
Signature: – Robin Agarwal

Running Crab Spider
Running Crab Spider

Hi Robin,
Now that the contributors of BugGuide have determined that your image is a Running Crab Spider in the genus
Ebo, you may get additional assistance there as well as on our site.  We are posting your image and we hope our readership can contribute to your request.

Hi Daniel,
As of yesterday, it was identified as Ebo evansae by Darrell Ubick, Arachnologist at the Cal Academy of Science.
Thanks for your help on this!
– Robin

Thanks for letting us know Robin.  We are updating our posting.

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