Royal Walnut Moth

Beautiful Moth
I can’t tell you how many times my kids have brought in some bug and had me look it up on your site. It is really a wonderful resource for parents and kids exploring the insect world in their backyards. Thank you so much for keeping the site up and running, it is always our first stop when researching a new found critter. I’m not sure what type of moth this is, I haven’t searched the site yet, but it was so pretty the kids insisted that I take pictures and send them to . I have loaded them into photobucket you may use them if you would like. If you want the actual file in jpg format I can send that as well. Enjoy and put them to use if you need them!

Hi Elaine,
We are guessing that by now you know that this is a Royal Walnut Moth or Regal Moth, Citheronia regalis, because we just posted a photo of two adults on a fence post yesterday. We are happy to include your photo on our site as well and hope your children enjoy seeing their moth online. We eagerly await getting our first yearly photos of the caterpillar, the Hickory Horned Devil, beginning in mid to late August and peaking in September.

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