Royal Erbessa or Not???

Subject: Erbessa regis???
Location: Amazon Manu Lodge, Madre de Dios, Peru
March 14, 2013 3:41 pm
Hi again!
Another Peruvian moth. Found a look-alike on the internet, Erbessa regis, but mine is much paler! Can the Erbessa regis be this pale?? Or is it another species?? Please help me out!
Photo taken November 10, 2009.
Signature: Kristian

Royal Erbessa, we suppose
Royal Erbessa, we suppose

Hi Kristian,
Your moth looks very similar to the Royal Erbessa posted on the Moths of the Andes website, except for the paler coloration.  We hope your realize that we run our website as a labor of love and that there are no entomologists, nor anyone with a credible scientific background on our staff.  If you want definite and accurate species identifications for your numerous and lovely photographs, we strongly urge you to seek professional assistance.  Meanwhile, we will continue to post as many of your photos as possible, but we cannot be held responsible for any misidentifications our staff provides.  Our main mission is to share our appreciation of the lower beasts with our readership and also to stress the interconnectivity of all life forms on our fragile planet.  We are often content with providing a family identification.  As you are probably well aware, getting accurate species identification from the internet can often be a laborious and unfulfilling task since there is a proliferation of erroneous information on the internet.  Perhaps one of our readers with a greater knowledge of Andean moths will write in with a comment confirming or correcting your identification.

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