Rove Beetle from UK

Subject: Ontholestes murinus?
Location: Totton, Southampton, Hampshire (UK)
April 29, 2014 6:06 am
Hello! The other day, we had a visitor to the optical practice where I work. I’m 90% sure this is Ontholestes murinus; I was sure it was a rove beetle at the time and although I wasn’t expecting to get such a precise ID, I stumbled upon O. murinus when researching it later. I can’t tell you anything about where it came from, only that there are a couple of green areas around the corner from the practice and that when I chucked it outside, it took off before it even hit the pavement. It was very fast and had large mandibles, and it did raise his tail a few times as a Devil’s Coach Horse would. What do you think? (PS the numbers on the ruler are millimetres, and also I have more photos if required but sorry they’re not better quality). many thanks in advance.
Signature: Becca

Rove Beetle
Rove Beetle

Dear Becca,
This is definitely a Rove Beetle, and it could well be
Ontholestes murinus, which is pictured on Beetles and Coleopterologists.

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