Rove Beetle from Ireland

Subject: What type of beetle is this
Location: Westmeath, ireland
April 4, 2015 10:23 am
My 3 yr old found this outside and wanted to know what it’s called!! It arches it’s back like a scorpion too.
Signature: Noah Fagan

Rove Beetle
Rove Beetle

Dear Noah,
Congratulations on recognizing that this soft bodied insect is an unusual type of beetle, a Rove Beetle to be more precise, and we believe the species is
Staphylinus caesareusThough this particular Rove Beetle is harmless, the threat position you describe is quite daunting, and we believe the Rove Beetle has the ability to release a foul odor when disturbed.

Rove Beetle
Rove Beetle

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  1. Rove beetles just keep appearing on my wooden floor and cannot find out where they are coming from to get rid of them, any ideas ?


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