Hi, I’m new to your site. Very cool!!
I have a huge "Bug-Phobia", I hate all types of bugs. Yet, I am extremely fascinated with them. I am deathly afraid of spiders and wasps, but given a situation where I feel "safe" I can’t help but sit and stare at the creatures. (Avert your eyes) The only bug that I hate enough to actually kill without provocation is the Black Widow spider, I was bitten by one when I was 14 and I haven’t recovered from the fear of seeing a dark bruise travel up my thigh and not being able to seek medical help.
Anyways, I found a huge ant looking beetle type thing crawling on my carpet, and rather than immediately squish it and move on, I decided to find out what it was. I stumbled across your site and quickly ID’d it as a Rove Beetle. After reading all about them, I promptly returned him to the garden, where my wife had been working earlier. Hopefully this will make up for some of my anti-bug karma.
Gabe Pari
Ontario, California

Dear Gabe,
I’m happy our site managed to keep one more Devil’s Coach Horse alive in the world. We at the WTB offices don’t kill Black Widows. We let them spin their webs and enjoy watching them. They don’t wander much, so we don’t fear them crawling into our beds, and we don’t leave our shoes where they can crawl inside. They are shy spiders and are not aggressive, and only bite when threatened. We have also learned to use gloves when rooting through the firewood pile and never put our hands under the water heater until we look first.

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