Rove Beetle

Some kind of beetle?
This insect was caught in a swimming pool near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Notice the very short wing covers, from under which I unfolded the wings. The underside of the wing covers and a patch on each side of the body are very reflective (greenish yellow). Can you identify. Thanks.
Mr. Physicist

Hi Mr. Physicist,
This interesting beetle is a Rove Beetle. It took us a bit of time, but we believe this is Ontholestes cingulatus. A close-up of the head of your specimen matches an image on BugGuide. It is found near carrion and “Adults eat maggots, mites, beetle larvae. Larvae feed on carrion, fungi. “

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  1. Yes, this is Ontholestes cingulatus. Note the large head (wider than pronotum) and large eyes. It is typically found near dung or carrion, where it picks off incoming flies. It is very fast and a visual hunter.

    • Thank you for this and all other Rove Beetle identification comments. We have been away from the office during June and we have just returned and are approving your comments.


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