Rove Beetle

Subject: Black Bug with Stinger
Location: Tacom, WA
July 21, 2016 10:25 pm
Help! Looking to identify this bug, found him and a few of his friends in the last week in our basement. About an inch, six legs with a possible small stinger. Found in Tacoma, Washington this summer.
Signature: Mindy

Rove Beetle
Rove Beetle

Dear Mindy,
This is some species of Rove Beetle in the family Staphylinidae, possibly
 Ocypus aeneocephalus which is pictured on BugGuide and is an introduced species in your area.

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  1. Thanks to WTB for this ID, and to the Tacoma person who supplied this photo. Found one of these cuties on our (similar) carpeting in our media room here in rural Thurston County. It didn’t arch up like I recalled Devil’s Coachman bugs doing. It also was shinier and larger than I remember those.

    My memory said “rove beetle” but my Audubon bug book showed something very unlike I remembered. A bit of digging, and once again WTB came through.

    While this lil guy was in a juice glass awaiting identification, it sat quite calmly then groomed its face, forelegs, and antennae. That was pretty cute. When spruce and tidy it looked all around curiously but didn’t panic or anything. When we took it outside to our south alder-maple-fir woods and released it into our big brush pile, it slid awkwardly out of the glass onto leaf litter, flipping onto its back…then did a most graceful sideways twist before pouring itself down into the fallen autumn leaves. Such a nice little bug!


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