Rove Beetle

Subject: What’s this insect?
Location: Cleveland, Ohio
November 15, 2012 2:22 am
Found this insect in my house. Is it normal this time of year? Is it normal in my region, Cleveland? Could you tell me what it is? When confronted, it raised what I assume is its back end as if it would sting me or shoot something out. Is it anything to be concerned about?
Signature: Rob

Rove Beetle

Hi Rob,
This is a Rove Beetle in the family Staphylinidae, and the threat posture is common with many members of the family including the Devil’s Coach Horse.  Most Rove Beetles, including we suspect your individual, are perfectly harmless, though one genus,
Paederus, can cause contact dermatitis.  Paederus Rove Beetles sport black and red warning coloration and they are known as Creechie Bugs in Africa.

Rove Beetle in threat posture

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    • Dear Megan,
      You have our permission to use these images from this particular posting, however we have better images of the threat posture of a Devil’s Coach Horse here and here on our website. If you decide one of those images is better, please include a comment on that posting as well as any other posting you would like to borrow. As far as the photo credit goes, in this example you can say photo © Rob and courtesy of


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