Roundheaded Borer

Big Fat Juicy Fella! They’re counting on me!
Location: Phoenix, AZ
March 29, 2011 10:39 am
My aunt and some co-workers found this big guy hanging out on a Bougainvillea bush in Phoenix, AZ yesterday 3/28/2011 in the afternoon after trimming abush. She called me and asked ” Whats this bug?” I’ll send you a pic. 🙂 So, here I am, trying to fulfill my neice-ly duties. I love this website so much, and visit it every day… Almost. It REALLY TRULY, helped me completely and utterly squash my fear of bugs! I am completely enthused, and interested in them all, especially spoders, go figure. Anyways, thanks for this great site, and for helping scared peeps like me grow a passion for the little creatures of our world!
Signature: Sherri

Roundheaded Borer

Hi Sherri,
This is a Roundheaded Borer, the larva of a beetle in the family Cerambycidae or Bycids for slang.  The adults are known as Longicorns, Capricorns, and Longhorned Beetles.  See BugGuide for some comparable photos.  We wonder if there is a Bycid Larva that feeds on bougainvillea.

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  1. I found one that looks like this in my nectarine tree in Pflugerville, TX. I’m concerned it may be the reason why some of the other trees aren’t looking so good. What can I do to get rid of them and how do I prevent them from getting into the fruit & nut trees?


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