Round Headed Apple Tree Borer

Subject: Blue Insect
Location: Quebec, Canada
August 19, 2013 3:45 pm
What could this insect be? The body is about 1” long and the photo was taken in western Quebec Canada in early August 2013.
Signature: Bruce

Round Headed Apple Tree Borer
Round Headed Apple Tree Borer

Dear Bruce,
This is a Round Headed Apple Tree Borer,
Saperda candida, and according to the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs:  “Attacks healthy, living trees, Larvae (grubs) feed on the cambial tissue and heartwood near the base of the tree by boring into the branches and the trunk,  Presence of larvae is indicated by sawdust castings pushed from the tunnel, accumulating on the ground beneath the tunnel entrance,  Girdling of young trees eventually results in a greatly weakened tree, often leading to death.”

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