Rothschildia orizaba orizaba from Costa Rica

I really want to know what type of moth this is
Wed, Nov 26, 2008 at 7:06 AM
Hello, I got these picture in Costa Rica, in mid/early March. This guy was found near La Fortuna waterfall. He is about as big as two hands side-by-side (maybe female hands, not big male hands). In the full on picture, the green parts of the wing is accually see through, and the green is from the leaves in behind the moth.
Thanks for your help!
Thank You!
Costa Rica

Rothschildia oriziba oriziba
Rothschildia orizaba orizaba

Hi Samantha,
We knew your Giant Silk Moth was in the genus Rothschildia, a genus with many similar looking species that range from Texas through Argentina.  We researched Costa Rican species on Bill Oehlke’s excellent private World’s Largest Saturniidae Site and had four species to choose from.  We believe your moth is a female Rothschildia orizaba orizaba.

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