Rosy Maple Moth

Please identify
My kids and I found this on our sliding glass door, neighbor said it was rare, I honestly don’t know. Any help would be great. It stayed around all evening, much to my kids delight. Thanks,
Corinna Waidelich

Hi Corinna,
The scarsity of the Rosy Maple Moth, Dryocampa rubicunda, is questionable, at least with regards to your area. The caterpillars, which feed on red and silver maple leaves, can be so numerous they strip the trees. Here is a site called Moth of New Jersey that has some information. In my very outdated Holland Moth Book (1934) where it is identified as Anisota rubicunda, the author writes: “It was formerly very common in the city of Pittsburgh, but for many years past it has almost entirely disappeared, so that it is now regarded as a rather rare insect by local collectors. The disappearance of the moth is due no doubt to the combined influence of the electric lights, which annually destroy millions of insects, which are attracted to them, and to gas-wells, and furnaces, which lick up in their constantly burning flames other millions of insects. Perhaps the English sparrow has also had a part in the work of extermination.”

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