Rose Chafer

beetle ID?
Hi there. We live in Osgoode, Ontario and are having a terrible time with a beetle that is eating most of the plants and trees in our yard. Everything from apple trees to mountain ash to pole beans and peonies. Nothing is safe! I haven’t been able to identify the beetle last year or this year. It has eaten all of the new apples from the trees, the flowers from the peonies, lilacs and mountain ash, and is now feasting on the leaves of the ash trees and pole beans leaving a lacey leaf skeleton behind. Can you tell me what it is?

Hi Diane,
This is a Rose Chafer. This insect is commonly pictured as a destructive plant pest, though this year is the first year since we have been answering questions on the WWW that there have been numerous reports. This must be a population explosion year for this destructive scarab beetle.

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