Root Borer

Beneficial Beetle or Nasty Cockroach???
Location: Las Cruces, NM
May 25, 2011 11:33 pm
Been surfing the web trying to find a match for this guy to no avail. He’s outside my patio door most evenings, although was on the wall in daytime when i took the photo. Kitty plays with him and he makes a squeaky noise in response. Does fly, though not well. It’s almost 2 inches long I think. I’m in Las Cruces, NM. Just not sure if he’s a good guy or a bad guy…
Signature: Shelley

Root Borer

Dear Shelley,
This is a Root Borer in the genus
Prionus (see BugGuide), though we are not certain of the species.  Because of the larger antennae, it appears to be a male.  Some insects are difficult to categorize according to the good/bad binary, and we would just have to state that this Root Borer will not harm your home.  Though the larvae bore in the roots of trees, we do not consider them to be an injurious species.  This sighting is earlier in the year than we would expect.  Most reports come in July.

Thank you so much!  I kept looking online last night and was pretty sure it wasn’t a cockroach but still, it’s nice to know he’s not really bad.  It’s been pretty warm here (80s-90s for several weeks), so I guess that might be why. I have also been watering my grass/plants daily and he seems to like that.  Thanks again

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  1. Found a RB Beetle in my garage munching on (or trying to eat) the carpet which lines my cat’s “kitty condo”. Got some nice pics if you want.
    Steve in Prescott Valley, Arizona


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