Root Borer from South Africa

Subject: Please could you identify this bug for me
Location: Kruger Park , Olifants Camp
May 19, 2014 2:51 am
While in the Kruger I came apon this bug sitting on a wall in the Olifants Camp, could you please identify it for me.
Thanking You
Mark Adams
Signature: Thanking You Mark

Root Borer
Root Borer

Hi Mark,
This is a Root Borer in the subfamily Prioninae.  The closest matches we could fine are
Pseudohovatoma micros on the Prioninae of the World website and Paramacrotoma dimidiaticornis, also on the Prioninae of the World site.  Our initial search did not produce any images of living specimens for comparison.  Another possibility is Macrotoma palmata which is pictured on iSpot, and which is probably our first choice for a correct species identification.

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