Grub Guy
Location: NE Pennsylvania
September 11, 2011 11:34 am
This is one of the strangest bugs I have ever seen. It appears to be some kind of grub as it has no feet. It moves slowly using a wave technique. It has two puffy orange objects by either its head or bottom.
We found it under our kitchen table. My mom thought it was a terd! It is almost black but a bit lighter nearer its orange orbs. We would love to know what this is
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Bot Fly Pupa

This is either a Pupa or a Pre-Pupal Larva of a Rodent Bot Fly in the genus Cuterebra which you can verify by comparing to this photo on BugGuide.  The mystery is how it go under your kitchen table.  Perhaps your household feline recently caught a rodent that was being parasitized by this endoparasitic Bot Fly.

Species Identification Courtesy of George Jeff Boettner and Eric Eaton
Hi, Daniel:
Can you copy and paste this to WTB?

Hi Eric,
George Jeff Boettner commented on your link.
George Jeff wrote: “Hi Eric, I can’t seem to post to the original site. If you can let them know this is a mouse bot, Cuterebra fontinella. It likely emerged out of a mouse walking across the table. So they should look around for signs of mice too! If put in soil and kept dry and outdoors for a year, they would likely get an adult bot next July or August.”

Location: Pennsylvania

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  1. Jeff Thompson says:

    my cat brought two townsend’s voles inside, one dead one alive. I took the dead one by the tail and proceeded to throw it back outside when I noticed two dark pupae emerging from the voles rear end! they popped right out and dropped onto the walkway. just now my cat brought it a live vole and it has one too! it comes partially out and then retreats back under the vole’s skin/fur. the pupae resembled a large textured coffee bean with a creamy yellow mouth part (I think it’s the mouth) anyways I didn’t realize we had these rodent bot flies here in the pacific north-west (Langley BC) they are quite gross and i’m worried about my cat getting one! is this possible? he eats what he catches…unless I happen to intervene.

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