Rodent Bot Fly Larva removed from dissected mouse in Canada

Subject: A botfly in the far North?
Location: Far North, Ont., Can.
September 15, 2013 9:23 am
I caught a mouse one night and found that there were four huge bumps on its back. I looked closer and saw what appeared to be botfly larvae in holes on each bump. I froze it and gave it to our local science teacher who dissected it with her class. Here’s a picture of what they dissected. Sure looks like a botfly to me!
I live in Fort Albany First Nation, Ontario, Canada, and I am surprised that there are botflys this far North! But is it really a botfly?
Signature: FAFN Resident

Rodent Bot Fly Larva removed from Dissected Mouse
Rodent Bot Fly Larva removed from Dissected Mouse

Dear FAFN Resident,
We concur that this is a Rodent Bot Fly Larva.  According to BugGuide Data, Bot Flies are found in Canada.

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