Robber Fly from Malaysia

I think it’s a Robber Fly…
Hi Bugman!
Happy Holidays!
I think this is a Robber Fly (Family Asilidae); but, I’m not sure what the species is – can you help? I took the photograph this morning, here in Penang, Malaysia. The predator had its proboscis inserted into the unlucky prey and wasn’t all that concerned about me taking its photograph, although it moved three times during the photo session, LOLOL! Any help is appreciated.
Nawfal Nur Photography

Hi Nawfal,
Yes, this is a Robber Fly, but we cannot help with an exact species as we are not familiar with Asian species. Even North American species are difficult to distinguish from one another without careful anatomical examination that is just not possible with a photograph, even a photograph as wonderful as yours.

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