Robber Fly from Croatia

insect four times larger than a wasp
Location: Dalmatian coast in Croatia
June 22, 2011 2:28 pm
I was on holiday in Croatia and took a picture of this huge insect that is eating a wasp.
I would like to know what kind of insect it is?
Thanks in advanced!
Zrinko Culjak
Signature: Dalmatian insect

Croatian Robber Fly with Prey

Dear Zrinko,
What a magnificent Robber Fly.  Robber Flies are top of the food chain predators and we love that it is eating a wasp.  Some species of Robber Flies are known as Bee Killers and they often prey upon Honey Bees.  The are real marauders around bee hives in the minds of many bee keepers.
We quickly found this matching photo on the New Scientist website.  Alas, the species is not identified.  Seems that posting has produced a lively blog page but I don’t believe the species name of the Robber Fly has been determined.  Anyone care to help?

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