Japanese beetle eater
Location: Wakefield, RI near Providence, RI
August 2, 2011 5:45 pm
This large bug (over 1”) was seen sitting in our vegetable garden. It snatched a Japanese beetle from the air as it flew by, sucked the juice out of it, and then grabbed another! Awesome!!
What is it and how can we get more?
Signature: Ann in RI

Robber Fly eats Japanese Beetle

Hi Ann,
There is not enough detail in your photo to determine a genus or species, but this adept predator is a Robber Fly, probably in the genera
Laphria or Mallophora.  We just posted a higher quality image of a similar Robber Fly eating a Bee, and there was not enough detail to determine an identity, but you may read our rationale here.  What we especially love about your letter is the fact that the prey is the invasive exotic Japanese Beetle, the scourge of many a gardener. 

Thanks so much for your quick reply and helpful information, Daniel.  We’ll try to get a better photo and maybe we can key it out ourselves!
Your website is really fun and informative.
Thanks again,
Ann in RI

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Location: Rhode Island

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