What’s this fly? It looks mean
Location: Janesville, IA
August 12, 2011 12:20 pm
This fly was outside on my porch. I initially took a series of pictures and it was just the fly. When I returned, it looked like it had caught a house fly and was consuming it. It’s big, about an inch long. It looks like a cross between a fly and a cricket. I really need to buy an insect book.
Signature: Jill Lockey

Robber Fly eats House Fly

Hi Jill,
The predator in your photo is a Robber Fly.  Robber Flies are adept at capturing prey on the wing.  If you want an excellent identification guide, consider Eric Eaton’s Kaufman Field Guide to Insects of North America, and Daniel is very proud of his first book, a pop culture tome on insects entitled The Curious World of Bugs.  We can’t believe we don’t have a House Fly category, and now is an excellent time to remedy that.

Thanks for the ID and the suggestions on bug books. I will check those out.

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Location: Indiana

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