Hi Bugman.
Love your work, and I’m overjoyed to have discovered your site – identifying bugs online is almost impossible as I’ve not found a handy online key thingy, e.g. Does it have 6 legs? Y/N, Does it have wings Y/N (where each Y and N is a link to the next question page, all the way to the final answer). The special offer today is a few somewhat unfocused shots of a bee being impaled against a flyscreen by what looks like a big horsefly (taken at my home in Sydney). It has a huge proboscis that was pinning the poor honey bee down and appeared to be sucking the life out of it. The murderer flew off leaving the desiccated bee stuck to the screen. Many thanks in advance for your help,
P.S. Will I get an email if you post your identification(s)?

Hi Aidan,
Your murderer is some species of Robber Fly.

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