Robber Fly with prey

Subject: robber fly?
Location: Bloomington, Indiana
June 29, 2016 2:56 pm
I’m assuming this is a robber fly, but wondering for sure.
This photo was taken on June 29, 2016
Signature: Teddy Alfrey

Robber Fly with Prey
Robber Fly with Prey

Dear Teddy,
Was this a small fly?  We believe we have correctly identified it as the Robber Fly
Cerotainia albipilosa based on this and other BugGuide images and its size is listed as less than five millimeters.

Thanks for the quick response!
I post quite a few of my photos on Facebook and would like to ID the various bugs and plants that I find myself photographing, more and more.
Five millimeters is about right. I was thinking a little less than ¼” long, including wings.
Thanks again!!

2 thoughts on “Robber Fly with prey”

  1. It was pretty small. I would say your 5mm is about right.
    Suddenly, they are all over my wife’s garden and seem to enjoy dining at the edge of day-lily petals.
    Also, once they have something to eat, they stay put long enough to line up a nice shot. I used a macro lens that required getting about two inches from the subject with a flash held six inches above, and got several shots. I’m wondering if its brain doesn’t have enough circuitry to flee and eat at the same time.


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