Large Beetle
Location: Garner, NC
August 8, 2011 10:56 am
Found this beetle in our pool skimmer in the AM. (July 8th, Day Temps 90-100, Night Temps 70’s) Looks like a Stag beetle? Doesn’t match any photos I found.
Signature: D. Northrup

Rhinoceros Beetle

Hi D.,
The Rhinoceros Beetle,
Xyloryctes jamaicensis, takes its common name from another large horned mammal.  You can see BugGuide for additional information.

Location: North Carolina

3 Responses to Rhinoceros Beetle

  1. Rondall says:

    Mine looks just like his picture with two horns like a bull on top of the head. Is that common with the species you mentioned? All the photos as the bug guide have only a single nose horn.

    • Rondall says:

      If you look closely you will see the two horns on the head, I found out it is a Phileurus truncatus, Triceretops Beetle

  2. Ella says:

    can anyone find the kingdom phylum class order family genus species of this bug i have one and have been looking for an hour and cant find it

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