Request for Owlet Moth images

Subject: which owlet moth species pollinate witch hazel?
March 18, 2015 8:30 am
Hello WTB
In doing some research on witch hazel,  I found that the pollinators are  specie(s) of owlet moths. Dr Bernd Heinrich found that these moths were the pollinators and had the ability  to thermo-regulate by shivering, enabling them to be active during the cold season when our native witch hazels bloom. I also read that these moths have a dense body pile, which insulates them. What a great story this is! I wanted to include a picture of one of these moths in my article about witch hazel. Could you tell me which specie(s) of moth these might be? I am assuming Dr Heinrich did the research in Maine or somewhere in New England where he is based. Also, would someone be willing to let me publish a/their picture of the moth in question for my article? (I would of course attribute the photographer and use a copyright symbol with it.) I write a monthly column on native plants for wildlife for my birding club, The Capital Area Audubon Society in Lansing, MI.
Thanks for any help, and for considering my photo request.
Ann Hancock
Co Editor, The Call Note
Lansing, Michigan
Signature: Ann Hancock

Dear Ann,
We are not certain which species of Owlet Moth pollinates Witch Hazel, but we will post your request and try to do some research.  We have found a reference to Winter Moth on the Venerable Trees site.

Thank you so much. The whole Owlet Moth, and flying in the cold season is a gee-whiz story to me.
I appreciate your help and hope that someone will know the answer.
If we get a reply and/or a picture I will post an update in next month’s column.

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