Regal Moth blocks Handicap Entrance

Great Site I found my answer
July 24, 2009
I found this on the help button at the gas station on my way home from work yesterday. I’ve been searching for a couple hours to find what kind of moth this is. I was very intrigued with this, as I am will all critters.
After finally finding your site, I found this is a Regal Moth. It was very interesting to read about my find.
Sheila Mc
Griffin, GA

Regal Moth affects ADA Compliance
Regal Moth affects ADA Compliance

Hi Sheila,
Thanks for your kind letter.  Your identification of a Regal Moth or Royal Walnut Moth is correct.  We hope the ADA Compliance Folk at the gas station don’t catch wind of this situation.  We would hate to hear that measures will be taken against moths because this individual is blocking the handicap call button.

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