Red Spotted Purple Butterfly
Location: NC
September 27, 2011 10:47 pm
My daughter found the caterpillar of this lovely butterfly. I was surprised what a beautiful butterfly emerged out of the chrysalis.
Signature: Jeanette

Red Spotted Purple

Hi Jeanette,
Many people believe the Red Spotted Purple is the most beautiful North American butterfly, and we will not argue with them.  We are not certain we have ever chosen our favorite, but the Red Spotted Purple would surely be a contender.  We hope this individual was eventually released because the insect habitat is no place for adult butterflies that should be flying free.

Oh yes, it was released quickly!  We usually keep our moths and butterflies for only one or two days to observe and then let them go.  The Red Spotted Purple defiantly has my vote for the most beautiful!

Location: North Carolina

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