Purplescent Longhorn NOT Red Shouldered Pine Borer

Subject: Help please! :3
Location: NC
June 14, 2016 3:20 pm
I love entomology and have recently identified many buggys! Including a eastren hercules beetle! But this guy has me stumped!!! He can fly and he is pretty big. I’m hoping you can tell me what it is! Thanks!
Signature: Fiz

Red Shouldered Pine Borer
Purplescent Longhorn

Dear Fiz,
This gorgeous Longicorn is a Red Shouldered Pine Borer,
Stictoleptura canadensis, and you can verify our identification on BugGuide where it states:  “The normal colouration of Stictoleptura c. canadensis (Olivier) is with banded antennae (male and female). Rarely the antennae are all black.… Christopher Majka, 31 January, 2013.”  Your individual appears to have all black antennae.  Some individuals  have mostly red elytra or wing covers.

Thank you! I was so confused!!! I can easily identity most bugs but this one gave me a time! Thanks again! 🙂

Correction:  07/26/2021
While researching a new submission today of a Purplescent Longhorn, we realized we had misidentified this individual several years ago.  This is Purpuricenus humeralis which is pictured on BugGuide.

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