Red Shouldered Bug Aggregation

Subject: colorful swarm
Location: Kissimmee, Florida
January 13, 2014 3:00 pm
I went walking in my neighborhood. These bugs covered one corner of a six foot fence and spread out more sparely farther down.
Signature: deewally

Red Shouldered Bug Aggregation
Red Shouldered Bug Aggregation

Hi deewally,
This aggregation of immature nymphs and winged adult Red Shouldered Bugs,
Jadera haematoloma, is soaking up the winter sun.  They are often found in association with goldenrain trees, and they are sometimes called Goldenrain Tree Bugs.

Goldenrain Tree Bugs
Goldenrain Tree Bugs

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  1. I have these bugs in Jacksonville FL. ,I went in the back yard seen a few 1 year the following year ,the next year there where thousand now all over the place to keep them out the house pest control thats all I know.


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