Red Shouldered Bug

Subject: My Nephew would like to know what this is.
Location: Southern California (Whittier)
September 26, 2015 10:50 pm
Hi! So, I had just picked up my nephew from Kindergarten, when we spotted this little guy scurrying around on the sidewalk. My nephew thought it was the coolest thing, but when he asked me what it was, I couldn’t give him an answer. I would love to know what this is, because once he finds out, he’ll want to look up videos of it on YouTube lol. Thanks a bunch for your time!
Signature: Auntie Alex

Red Shouldered Bug
Red Shouldered Bug

Dear Auntie Alex,
The Red Shouldered Bug,
Jadera haematoloma, is also known as the Goldenrain Tree Bug because that common landscaping tree produces seeds eaten by the Red Shouldered Bug.  This species often forms large aggregations when feeding.

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