Red Shanked Grasshopper

Subject: What grasshopper species?
Location: Socorro County, New Mexico
May 27, 2013 1:39 pm
Hello, Can you tell what species this is? It seems unusually checkered with this bold design. And the inside of its legs are bright red orange. When resting, this color is hidden. It was in southern New Mexico at 6500 ft elevation in pinyon juniper grassland.
Signature: Mary Ray

Red Shanked Grasshopper
Red Shanked Grasshopper

Dear Mary Ray,
We matched your grasshopper to images of the Red Shanked Grasshopper,
Xanthippus corallipes, thanks to images posted to BugGuide,  where it is described as:  “A highly variable stocky and usually large species, with much regional variation in size, wing length, and in the nature of the spot pattern of the body. Almost always with at least some red coloring on inner hind femur and the hind tibiae.”

That is sooooo awesome to know! Thank you so much! And so fast on a holiday too!



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