Red Palm Weevil from Singapore

Subject: Kissing beetle or Asassin bug maybe?
Location: Singapore
December 12, 2013 5:49 am
Just found this at my home in Singapore
Signature: James

Red Palm Weevil

Dear James,
This is not a Kissing Bug or Assassin Bug.  It is a beetle known as a Weevil and we will attempt to determine a species identification for you.  Many Weevils are agricultural pests and they will not bite humans.  It looks like a Red Palm Weevil,
Rhynchophorus ferrugineus, based on a photo posted to the UC Riverside Center for Invasive Species Research.  This variably colored species is represented in our archives, and after stating to you they would not bite, we found a letter indicating a person was bitten by a Red Palm Weevil in Cyprus.

Many thanks J
My 5 year old son was very excited to have his picture posted on your web site and to get your answer explaining what it was and that it could be dangerous (I think he was a little disappointed it was not venomous like all the snakes and spiders he is very much into from watching many youtube videos of the most deadly )
Many thanks once again and keep up the good work with the web site J

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