Red Net Winged Beetle

Subject:  Rust to reddish beetle type bug with black head and antenna.
Geographic location of the bug:  Virginia Beach, VA
Your letter to the bugman:  Today,  February 25, 2018, this small bug was on my husband’s arm in the car.  We pulled over and put him out by our house along the woods.  I took a few pictures first.  Thanks so much.
How you want your letter signed:  PamS

Red Net-Winged Beetle

Dear PamS,
This is a Red Net-Winged Beetle or Golden Net-Winged Beetle,
Dictyoptera aurora, and according to BugGuide, the habitat is:  “coniferous/mixed forests, in decaying logs; adults on and under bark of decaying stumps and on tree trunks; also on flowers.”

Red Net-Winged Beetle

You totally rock!  Thanks so much!  I use your on-line resource so often and really appreciate all you do!!! This one really had me stumped, lol.  I save every bug and feed ALL animals, lol.  I always take a picture before I rescue these small and sometimes larger miracles!  Sometime you should write a book and I would buy it in a second!!!  I still love having a hard copy….  You truly are experts!!! Sincerely, PamS

Thank you PamS.  Daniel did write The Curious World of Bugs.

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