Red Milkweed Beetle

milkweed beetle(s)?
3 pictures attached, choose your favorite. In the garden in Northwest Ohio. I asked my father to get a good japanese beetle photo for you with his macro lensed camera, hopefully he comes through… There were two of them on the plant.

Hi John,
Thanks for the photo of the Red Milkweed Beetle on its host plant. We eagerly await that Japanese Beetle image as well.

2 thoughts on “Red Milkweed Beetle”

  1. Should I be trying to get rid of these beetles.. Do they do harm
    to the milkweed so monarchs won’t lay eggs on the leaves??
    I have seen a couple of monarchs this year and would love to
    have them on my milkweed!

  2. Bonnie and bugman,

    I have them abundantly in my back yard on the milkweed plants. They like mature milkweeds and they chew up the leaves. I agree the beetles do not seem to deter the monarchs from laying eggs, but the monarch mothers prefer not to lay eggs on the damaged milkweed leaves. I cut back on the milkweeds that I don’t want them on so the new plant emerge to invite the monarchs to lay eggs.


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