Red Legged Purseweb Spider

Subject: ★Sphodros rufipes ★
Location: Manorville NY
July 4, 2013 3:19 pm
Hey… I live on Long Island NY.. And spotted this guy on my property… I never saw one before so I took a picture and left it alone… I looked it up and it seems to be an interesting spider so I’m just sharing… I think its a pretty good picture…
Signature: Annette Ray

Red Legged Purseweb Spider
Red Legged Purseweb Spider

Hi Annette,
Thank you so much for sending us your photo of a Red Legged Purseweb Spider,
Sphodros rufipes.  Ever since we first learned about the Red Legged Purseweb Spider in 2003 and we discovered them to be an endangered species, we have been a champion for their preservation.

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